bill_bill (bill_bill) wrote,

Stealth vacation

I have a confession... I spent the last five days in San Francisco, visiting with Dale (bikerbaer) and Les (nashobabear a.k.a. sfbear79). I took advantage of Dale's generosity, and what seems to be nearly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of his having actual TIME OFF (!!) for a few days while he is between jobs. I didn't tell anyone else I was coming, and other than extremely brief chance passing-in-the-street meetings with that_dang_otter and Terry (don't know his last name, the big tall one with all the hair and beard) I didn't visit with anyone else. My profound apologies to other dear friends that I missed (especially ogam!!), but this was the first chance for actually visiting with Dale after about 2 years of constant correspondence, spanning several major upheavals in his life including one that was nearly fatal. And it truly is an exceedingly rare thing for Dale to have more than just a brief, rushed weekend off from work... so we decided to make it a quiet private visit. Next time, I PROMISE, I'll make time for more socializing!
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