bill_bill (bill_bill) wrote,

Four years ago...

...we were in Prague... the Winter Olympics coverage on Czech TV was mostly of curling, a sport we Americans just seem utterly unable to comprehend. The night of the Czech-Russia hockey match up, we walked to Old Town square to watch the game with a mob of thousands on a giant high-def TV screen erected amongst the grand medieval architecture, with the statue of Jan Huss watching alongside us all, the masses waving the flag of their ancient nation and its decade-old government. What an encapsulation of Europe at the turn of the millenium, I remember thinking. The Czech team lost, and thousands of Bohemians adjourned for a beer and a bowl of goulash. Had the Czech team won, the mob of Bohemians would have adjourned for a beer and a bowl of Goulash. Not much fazes those Bohemians. After watching Nazi tanks roll in to town from one direction, Russian tanks roll in from the other direction, empires rise and fall around them... what's one hockey game?
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