bill_bill (bill_bill) wrote,

Return from Hell

I have to say... yet again... I HATE ATLANTA!

It is just so draining... so loud... so frantic... so frustrating... so mediocre.

Nothing grand to report from the dog show. The bitch classes in ridgebacks were very competitive, between 17 and 23 girls each day and many of them were quite fine. Given this, the fact that Ruby placed third in her class on Friday (nothing on the other two days) was a quite respectable showing even if it didn't earn her any points. The judging was good, and the Best of Breed winner all three days was Code Red, the top Rhodie in the U.S. for 2005, a quite handsome boy. Plus both he and his handler are nice in temperament too. One of the other handsome boys did give him a serious run for his money, I thought. You might see Red a.k.a. Mojave if you watch the Westminster KC dog show on TV, good chance he'll be the BOB Rhodie there. I have seen him fail to win the breed once or twice, but it doesn't happen very often.

One thing you learn pretty quickly on the dog show circuit... the handlers and breeders can be real snots and SOBs sometimes, but the dogs are just dogs. Even the Westminster winners are just dogs with flapping tongues and wagging tales when you stop to say "hi" to them at ringside. They don't know or care about national rankings.
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