bill_bill (bill_bill) wrote,

Rolfing in the new year...

We went over to Short Mtn last night for the nearly-annual New Year's Eve bash. This time it was held not at Keer's Temple but at the house formerly known as Jok and Adam's. It was very bizzare to see their house emptied of them and their stuff, then converted in to an improvised faerie-disco party pad. Alas we had to leave early, as we carpooled with the Goat Thang and he began to feel a mite poorly. About 11:30 he insisted he really really needed to be taken home. On the drive back, he hollered "stop" and hurled prodigiously on the shoulder of the road. Peggy started laughing, and when I asked why she pointed out the clock in the car: it was exactly midnight.

Let's hope we don't make this a tradition!

p.s. he was fine this morning, no lasting damage
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